Saturday, August 26, 2006

Channel 9 = Microsoft PR site

I have recently gotten banned from Channel 9. Tried logging into the system and I was refused. Why did this occur, because I went on the site and championed the Linux OS, Charles Torres, the sites admin has little patience for those that use or advocate Linux. Among other suspicions put out by a quality poster, Beer28, he is right. this just shows Microsofts closed mind and their inability to deal with or cope with Linux. Microsoft will never change their ways, they just want to keep up their illegal activities. Here is how bad it has gotten on Channel 9, I advocate Linux and Open Source I get banned, Cybermagellan a niner on the site doesnt get banned nor any disciplinary action when he admits to pirating Microsoft software

PR site? its worse than that. Torres plays favorites, bans the Linux people and doesnt ban the real trolls like rjdohnert who posts poetry on the site, doesnt ban people who admit to being pirates, ie Cybermagellan and W3bbo.

Those people on that site who claim to have "tried" open source are liars and most of the users on that site severely exagerate their skills. Dont be surprised to see them serving coffee at McDonalds and any other fast food restaurant you can think off.

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