Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Windows Servers beat Linux

What a crock. Laura Dildio and the other no computer knowledge writers over at the Yankee Group have published a study on Windows Server beats Linux in reliability. First, no one at the Yankee Group have the technological expertise to even conduct a study like this much less publish this. Secondly, lets see what Linux users have to say about this. they are speaking out, adoption of Linux on both the desktop and the server. I think the facts speak for themselves.

Here is particularly one FUD line;

"On average, individual enterprise Windows, Linux, and Unix servers experienced 3 to 5 failures per server per year in 2005, generating 10 to 19.5 hours of annual downtime for each server."

Linux = 364 days and 4.5h uptime per year.

"Windows 2003 Server, in fact, led the popular Red Hat Enterprise Linux with nearly 20 percent more annual uptime."

Windows = 437 days and 18h uptime per year.

How many days in a year?

I question this study and its reliability. Seems funded to me.

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