Friday, September 03, 2004

My life

Well guys work has been a bitch, I have been working a lot and when I get home Im not in the mood to blog. Laci's dads house fell victim to Hurricane Charley, this is her real dad and not her step-dad, so we have had a house guest for more than a few weeks. He was in the process of negotiating a rebuild and then now Hurricane Frances has come along. So that blew it out of the water, literally. he is a nice guy, a bit of a pain in the ass tho. For starters he didnt like the type of music that I listen to so he reprogrammed my radio. I bit my tongue. He complains if I dont cook eggs over easy and bitches and moans. I bite my tongue. He complains about my weight and tells me that I am subject to diabetes and other fat boy diseases, I bite my tongue. He tried to confiscate my brand new Tablet PC for his own personal use, I did not bite my tongue. I told him he couldnt use it because I use it for work and that its a fragile machine and he has a a nervous system condition and shakes all the time. I compromised, I gave him an old Celeron 366 mhz machine that I had with Red Hat 8, he botched Linux, dont ask me how but I couldnt get the XServer to start right and I kept getting corruption errors so I took that off, went to an old computer store here in Santa fe and got Windows ME and installed it for him and now thats the only one he can use. He told laci that she could not sleep with me and that she had to sleep in a seperate room. I put my foot down, I could see it if she was still a girlfriend or still my fiance, but no she is my goddamn wife and she sleeps in my bed with me. Just to humor him I asked him why, he sad it was because we might have sex. Duh you old fart thats what married couples do,we have sex not as much as we did when we were dating but we have sex. He brought his pittbull named Diablo, dont ask, who barks at all hours of the night, who he feeds pickles and human food to and the dog and I have an understanding, if he looks at me weird I will shoot the goddamn dog. Today as a bonding thing, I took my father in law (FIL) to see Anaconda's: Hunt for the blood orchid and I could see in my mind him and that goddamn dog from hell being swallowed by a giant Anaconda. my FIL is okay from a distance, I get along with him at a distance but I can see I can't live with him, but I am willing too for my wifes sake because I love her and I cherish her and she is my soul-mate and my life, but if it wasnt for her i wouldnt even put up with the bullshit and he should thank her because right now if not for her he would be toting a GIANT ass kicking. I can see why Laci's mom left him. I try to avoid him, i stay in my computer room most of the time now and I try not to converse with him. I am so glad he doesnt even know what a blog is.

Now on the Longhorn changes, im fucking happy about it. I applaud MS for it. I dont think the exclusion of WinFS is a big deal and Im happy with the decision to cut WinFS instead of Indigo and Avalon.

Now on the new iMac, I hate the new design. I think its ugly and awkward looking. But hey Mac fans should love it.

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