Sunday, August 01, 2004

Windows-To-Linux Migration Hits Speed Bump In Munich

This is a real shame that Munich needs to be worried about this patent issue. Munixh tho I think will be aiiright they had to know theirs would be a real journey and some obstacles along the way may seem like giant hurtles. This wont be a coup for Linux adoption but this is a high profile case and any problems will be a reflection on whether Linux is put into heavy use or whether its just a passing fad similar to Unix in the 70's. There is nothing free anymore, even free beer is not free beer someone needs to supply the keg. For development tho I do wonder if they will focus on Mono or Java, being as tho Novell owns SuSE and Ximian I hope its Mono, it would really help bolster Mono's presense in the industry.

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