Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Service Pack 2 for Win XP

you can get it now through the Download Center for network installs or you can wait. At work we are planning a party to celebrate the release. Yes we are corny, yes we are geeks. Link is in title for download.

Changing the blog content

Im changing the blog content, i will still be doing my regualr tech talk here but I am also going to add personal content. the Blog name will be changed to " Christopher Anthony's World ". I contemplated starting a seperate blog like some of my friends have doe but I decided to just add on to this one.

.NET Rocks with Mr. Mono himself

It was a great show, I had to listen to archive because i had a family emergency that i had to leave town. My stepdad had a heart attack, luckily it was a minor one and they expect him to make a full recovery, he had to quit smoking and i have quit myself. Anyway, miguel went through a lot and one thing i didnt know was that Don Box had sang him a song, I found it on the net and it was cute. Poor Miguel. It probably would be cool if he joined Microsoft. Roory asked many fascinating questions, i dont think Carl Franklin is that proficient with Linux as Rory asked most of the questions pertaining to Linux. Great show, my compliments to Carl and Rory. Oh Carl, resistance is futile.

Monday, August 02, 2004

Miguel De Icaza on .NET Rocks!

This is like a dream for me, Miguel De Icaza, da man, is going to be on .NET Rocks this Thursday. This is like a dream for me, Miguel is like my personal tech heros. Not only for his work on Mono, but his contributions to the Gnome Project and his contributions to the SPARC Linux port. I will be listening live to this show.

Sunday, August 01, 2004

Windows-To-Linux Migration Hits Speed Bump In Munich

This is a real shame that Munich needs to be worried about this patent issue. Munixh tho I think will be aiiright they had to know theirs would be a real journey and some obstacles along the way may seem like giant hurtles. This wont be a coup for Linux adoption but this is a high profile case and any problems will be a reflection on whether Linux is put into heavy use or whether its just a passing fad similar to Unix in the 70's. There is nothing free anymore, even free beer is not free beer someone needs to supply the keg. For development tho I do wonder if they will focus on Mono or Java, being as tho Novell owns SuSE and Ximian I hope its Mono, it would really help bolster Mono's presense in the industry.

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