Tuesday, June 29, 2004

JavaOne and WWDC

JavaOne is hot this year. I would have gone but didnt want to take the time off of works since I just started this job. Last year while exciting, it just didnt seem to have the pizazz that this one does. Luke Hutteman is their, in case you guys dont know Luke is the author of SharpReader. JavaStudio Creator is very nice. Tiger is finally bringing in some of the features that I liked about J2EE. Tiger J2SE is building in monitors and other tools for the JVM and it is going to tie in better with SQL. They Open Sourced looking glass which is very hot. And the Java 3D API. One of the really neat things is that Sun showed a lot of its demos with Longhorn, it seemed to work fine and a couple of my buddies who went to JavaOne and sat through the keynotes said that they were impressed with the speed of Longhorn. If Longhorn is a preview of what we will see coming from Microsoft, Im very impressed. What I have seen of Longhorn, the test builds we have at work and what I have seen on the web, I think Microsoft finally has a winner on their hands.

WWDC was very, very dissapointing to me this year. Apple took several shots at Microsoft this year and all they did was copy other peoples work. Dashboard = Konfabulator & Longhorn Sidebar, Spotlight = WinFS. Okay, Spotlight is nice, metadata indexing and instantaneous search. The problem I see is that it is not a filesystem. It is an Application that sits on top of the filesystem. It is limited to the information that it can search for, Apple in all of their wisdom limited the filetypes. For example, when my wife uses her Mac she uses Microsoft Office PowerPoint to do her presentations she doesnt use Keynote because there are several incompatibilities with Keynote and PowerPoint. Granted I have incompatibility issues with OpenOffice but I'm getting off topic. Spotlight does not show PowerPoint presentations, it limits itself to Keynote presentations. It searches for MP3 and ACC but not for Ogg or Windows Media. With WinFS you will not have to deal with designating file formats we will be able to search our hard drives for whatever content we wish regardless of filetypes. WinFS is not an application it is the filesystem, it sits at the core and that is what gives us our functionality. What Apple did with Spotlight, a talented developer using VB and C# could probably do in less than a week. I must say I have seen more innovation and really neat ideas from Microsoft at WinHEC than I saw from Apple at WWDC.

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