Friday, April 02, 2004

What the hell, wheres my complexity???!!!!

Ok I tried two new things today. I downloaded and installed SharpDevelop. I like it and its a lightweight look-alike of VS .NET. Seriously it reminds me of VS .NET in a lot of ways. I also like the fact I can work on Java with SharpDevelop. It is a good project but VS .NET looks more refined. I would reccomend SharpDevelop for the hobbyist. Now I have a bitch to make. VB .NET, Microsoft cannot be serious. I mean C'mon developers need to use their brain. They need to work out problems. VB .NET is way to simple. It is to easy to use. With VB anyone can be a developer. If everyone uses VB then guess what, the population of developers will grow and it will be harder to find a job then what it is now. Seriously tho, I like VB a lot and I will definately be looking at it more seriously. Look at the quickstarts and code samples on the MSDN web site and just search the web. Yes, VB will definately be a technology I look at even as a Linux user.

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