Sunday, April 11, 2004

Oh well, not dead yet

I finally told my GF soon to be wife about my new job. Oh how she bitched, oh how she moaned but she never liked Durham anyway so she agreed to move. I thought, "Yeah Im the man". She grew up in this city so she is wanting to leave. So today at easter dinner we told her parents. Mind you, its easter dinner, Im at her relatives place and she has 4 brothers who adore her, one is a cop out here, cousins who adore her and who dont want to see her go. I was worse than a cornered deer with a pack of wolves closing in. Her family thinks its a bad idea and I got looks, insults and threats that would end my reproductive abilities. I dont think I will be going hunting with her father anymore. It took her father awhile to get used to me because Im Cuban, he didnt like that at all. Her mother was really nice about the whole thing tho so I hope she will talk some sense into her husband. Laci wasnt very excited about it at first but she is on her computer in the living room looking at real estate.

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