Saturday, April 10, 2004

New Job

Sorry I havent posted in awhile but I had to go out of town for a job interview. Since June 1st will be the last day for me at Estrella due to layoffs my supervisor had a close friend who is the hiring manager, HR, for a solutions development house in Santa Fe New Mexico. So I have been out there for the whole week. Everyone knows I do Java development so I thought this would be a perfect match fro me until I actually got to see what they are doing out there. They do develop Java solutions but they are developing Visual J++ 6 applications and some Solaris development is there as well as Windows applications. They are starting to work on C# on the Windows side and they are migrating over to .NET. I bit my tongue. I found out they only have 3 Solaris developers and 79 Windows developers. We talked a lot about Open Source, Linux and the state of technology. So happens they arent interested in Linux and when I asked why I figured an answer was going to be something pro-Microsoft but it wasnt, his response was there was no customer demand for Linux based solutions. At dinner Thursday night he finally asked the question, "Do you want the job?" I thought about it long and hard and I said "YES". They will assist me in relocating from Durham and now the final thing I have to do is talk to Laci,m we are supposed to be married May 15, 2004 so I wonder if after I tell her will the wedding be on. I start out there on June 2nd and I think it will be a fun job. I can already see my e-mail inbox, " Didnt you say you would never do Windows development" My only question is, wouldnt it be easier just to use Suns Java and continue to do Java development on both platforms? I was very well behaved and I didnt push the Linux issue.

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