Monday, April 05, 2004

Chris Sells advice

I followed some of Chris Sells advice. I quit using Services for UNIX tools and have been using the native Windows tools such as Notepad and other graphical utilities. I discovered the MMC, that is a great utility and it is centralized meaning there is nothing that cannot be accomplished via the MMC. I have since started to use Notepad for raw HTML editing it is unlike Emacs and is extremely basic but it works, and I discovered a great tool for WYSIWYG website editing, Web Matrix from Microsoft. Yes Microsoft creates it. I still use NVU on Linux so I wonder how much I can edit in NVU and work in Web Matrix and remain compatible. I also looked at a tool Rory Blyth suggests on his site, Sharpreader for viewing weblogs. I like this tool because its simple, its quick and its less irritating than the other RSS aggravators out there. It brings all the Blogs I visit to me and it even shows comments that are made. I wonder if it is possible to port Sharpreader to Linux via Mono or to run it under Crossover office.

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