Sunday, April 11, 2004

Oh well, not dead yet

I finally told my GF soon to be wife about my new job. Oh how she bitched, oh how she moaned but she never liked Durham anyway so she agreed to move. I thought, "Yeah Im the man". She grew up in this city so she is wanting to leave. So today at easter dinner we told her parents. Mind you, its easter dinner, Im at her relatives place and she has 4 brothers who adore her, one is a cop out here, cousins who adore her and who dont want to see her go. I was worse than a cornered deer with a pack of wolves closing in. Her family thinks its a bad idea and I got looks, insults and threats that would end my reproductive abilities. I dont think I will be going hunting with her father anymore. It took her father awhile to get used to me because Im Cuban, he didnt like that at all. Her mother was really nice about the whole thing tho so I hope she will talk some sense into her husband. Laci wasnt very excited about it at first but she is on her computer in the living room looking at real estate.

Saturday, April 10, 2004

New Job

Sorry I havent posted in awhile but I had to go out of town for a job interview. Since June 1st will be the last day for me at Estrella due to layoffs my supervisor had a close friend who is the hiring manager, HR, for a solutions development house in Santa Fe New Mexico. So I have been out there for the whole week. Everyone knows I do Java development so I thought this would be a perfect match fro me until I actually got to see what they are doing out there. They do develop Java solutions but they are developing Visual J++ 6 applications and some Solaris development is there as well as Windows applications. They are starting to work on C# on the Windows side and they are migrating over to .NET. I bit my tongue. I found out they only have 3 Solaris developers and 79 Windows developers. We talked a lot about Open Source, Linux and the state of technology. So happens they arent interested in Linux and when I asked why I figured an answer was going to be something pro-Microsoft but it wasnt, his response was there was no customer demand for Linux based solutions. At dinner Thursday night he finally asked the question, "Do you want the job?" I thought about it long and hard and I said "YES". They will assist me in relocating from Durham and now the final thing I have to do is talk to Laci,m we are supposed to be married May 15, 2004 so I wonder if after I tell her will the wedding be on. I start out there on June 2nd and I think it will be a fun job. I can already see my e-mail inbox, " Didnt you say you would never do Windows development" My only question is, wouldnt it be easier just to use Suns Java and continue to do Java development on both platforms? I was very well behaved and I didnt push the Linux issue.

Monday, April 05, 2004

Chris Sells advice

I followed some of Chris Sells advice. I quit using Services for UNIX tools and have been using the native Windows tools such as Notepad and other graphical utilities. I discovered the MMC, that is a great utility and it is centralized meaning there is nothing that cannot be accomplished via the MMC. I have since started to use Notepad for raw HTML editing it is unlike Emacs and is extremely basic but it works, and I discovered a great tool for WYSIWYG website editing, Web Matrix from Microsoft. Yes Microsoft creates it. I still use NVU on Linux so I wonder how much I can edit in NVU and work in Web Matrix and remain compatible. I also looked at a tool Rory Blyth suggests on his site, Sharpreader for viewing weblogs. I like this tool because its simple, its quick and its less irritating than the other RSS aggravators out there. It brings all the Blogs I visit to me and it even shows comments that are made. I wonder if it is possible to port Sharpreader to Linux via Mono or to run it under Crossover office.

Found something interesting

I made the comment that Windows doesnt run supercomputers. Well I was wrong, Unisys has a Windows server that goes up to 106 Processors. So I guess Windows does scale after all. I have started doing research trying to find Windows supercomputers because certain people opened my eyes and suggested I research some of the stuff I was actually saying. It worked I have been getting surprised for almost a week now about how little I actually did know.

For a good laugh

Once again this specific guy opens mouth and inserts foot. I think this is the funniest thing I have ever read in my life. They call me a Linux zealot well I think this guys is a real Windows zealot. I wonder why he like many others fear Linux. The guy needs to get a real life.

Friday, April 02, 2004

What the hell, wheres my complexity???!!!!

Ok I tried two new things today. I downloaded and installed SharpDevelop. I like it and its a lightweight look-alike of VS .NET. Seriously it reminds me of VS .NET in a lot of ways. I also like the fact I can work on Java with SharpDevelop. It is a good project but VS .NET looks more refined. I would reccomend SharpDevelop for the hobbyist. Now I have a bitch to make. VB .NET, Microsoft cannot be serious. I mean C'mon developers need to use their brain. They need to work out problems. VB .NET is way to simple. It is to easy to use. With VB anyone can be a developer. If everyone uses VB then guess what, the population of developers will grow and it will be harder to find a job then what it is now. Seriously tho, I like VB a lot and I will definately be looking at it more seriously. Look at the quickstarts and code samples on the MSDN web site and just search the web. Yes, VB will definately be a technology I look at even as a Linux user.

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