Monday, March 29, 2004

Ok I give ( a little)

Due to an e-mail from Rory Blyth that I recieved. He made some sense and I have decided I am going to give Windows an actual look into. After a decade of Linux usage I am going to blaze a trail into the dark side of computing, install and use the Windows OS. I am going to install Windows XP and the related Service Packs. My girlfriend was shocked when I told her this because as most of you know, I eat, breathe, live Linux. I will not totally switch over but I am going to look at several Microsoft technologies, Visual Studio .NET even tho I dont know crap about Microsofts implementation of C# and Visual Basic, no I dont have any experience with VB either. I will ...BUY software for probably the first time in my life. I am going to post on my progress and give comparisons on both platforms and what I like and dislike about either. In other words I plan to be objective. We are heading out to CompUSA to pick up some stuff. Does this mean Rory and the Windows zealots won? NO. But maybe I need to be a little more objective.

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