Monday, March 29, 2004

More Randy

" How can you respect a fuckwit that lost his computer to a power surge anyway? How smart can he be, if he doesn't use a surge protector? "

Surge protectors do fail and I did have mine hooked up to one.

" What I find to be ironic is that he's convinced he downloaded three viruses from Windows update. How can he know he has a virus if he hasn't installed an AV package yet? "

I did have an AV package already installed and it did tell me I had three viruses, anyone who does a Windows install will tell you they always get hit by at least one virus during update.

" Are they bad because they require a download from time to time? "

AV Packages are not bad, but if M$ would bother to even consider creating reliable software than maybe we wouldnt need them and with Linux I dont have to take up hard drive space with an AV package thus it doesnt cost me more money. After all, would you trust any company that created a free AV product?

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