Monday, March 29, 2004

Longhorn or Linux?

There are several people who have asked me about how Linux compares to Longhorn. I have decided to answer those questions here.

First I must say I doubt Longhorn will ever ship, I believe we will see Microsoft Linux before we see Longhorn.

Now, with Longhorn Microsoft has incorperated an entire new security schema. I dont think this will be an effective means of security because even tho Longhorn is a new OS its still based on the NT/2000 codebase and with the current exploit of Microsoft source code there are undoubtedly holes that will exist in Longhorn. Some hackers have even said that they will keep these exploits a secret and I believe they are doing this so that they will be able to embarass Microsoft at the Launch of Windows Longhorn to draw more customers to Linux to show that Microsoft is not taking security as seriously as they should.

Avalon and Indigo are impressive technologies but I feel that Linux in a year will be able to topple everything and advantage those technologies offer.

WinFS is a clone of GNOMEFS and nothing new or exciting. This is similar to the Virtual Desktop pager. Linux has had them for years and now Microsoft decided to clone the idea. Nothing extremely innovative.

As you can see Microsoft is not doing anything really innovative in the OS space. Linux will have the equivalent of Avalon and Indigo within a year thus making longhorn obsolete by the time it arrives, if it ever arrives.

Also with Longhorn, Microsoft will debut TCPA with the intent to lock out the user. Their thinking is to let Microsoft decide who you can trust and what you can do with your computer. None of your old apps will run, only "trusted code" this is scary because then Microsoft is given the power to stomp out competition. Thus with the state of Longhorn and the threat of TCPA I recommend a switch to Linux.

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