Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Installation of Visual Studio

I had gotten the Visual Studio .NET 2002 since I found out through a Rory reader Sven that it only compiles for the .NET Framework 1.0. I had Laci pick up a copy of Visual Studio .NET Academic from her college bookstore which includes the .NET Framework 1.1. I am out the money for Visual Studio .NET 2002 but I will go ahead and put it on eBay and try to get some cash from it. Installation of Academic was smooth sailing and I figured the $100.00 I paid for it is olay for evaluation purposes. One of the things I noticed about the interface is that it is similar to QT Designer on Linux. I like Windows Forms and wish we had those on Linux but who knows when MonoDevelop gets done we may have something similar for Linux. C# is easy for me to understand because I work with it on Mono, VB .NET is over my head. I havent even started looking at J# yet because I heard it is based on the really old Java 1 standard. I will try to get a book so I can learn something about VB .NET. Does anyone have any suggestions on a good starting point and a good starter book?

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