Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Exploring Windows

My arsenal is as follows:

Windows XP Pro
StarOffice 7
Visual Studio .NET
Windows Services for UNIX 3.5
.NET Framework SDK 1.1
.NET Framework Redistributable
All Related Service Packs

I spent about 600 dollars on this project. I spent last night installing Windows XP Pro. Here are my first thoughts on it.

Installation -- Installation is pretty dumbed down. It did not read my Linux partition and claimed them as unknown. I partitioned my drives as NTFS. One of the things I did not like was at startup they have no option for verbose logging meaning that you just see a black screen with an indicator rolling across. After installation I then called Microsoft to activate Windows, which sucked because it took awhile. After installation I installed SP1 then SP2. I had a hard time with the interface because I hate the default Fisher Price blue that they have, so I looked at Olive Green, which looks gay so nix that I then looked at Silver which I liked. The only thing I disliked about the theme service in XP is that there is no support for third party themes unlike with GNOME, http://art.gnome.org to install themes in XP you need StyleXP.
Also the lack of Virtual Desktops was a huge turn off for me. I found one which isnt bad The control panel is a knock off of KControl and you can see where Microsoft got the inspiration for their control panel. I dropped into the Command Line and found it very limited. There is no good command line editor and I dont even know anything about scripting on the Windows command line. I am going to try to find more command line tools for Windows, if any exist.

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