Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Command Line utilities fixed

One of the things I was lacking was the missing command line utilities which make it easier for us Linux users to use Windows. I was suggested to use Cygwin but I found out that I already had the issue covered with Windows Services for UNIX. Windows SFU has all the utilities that are necessary for us command line junkies. Windows SFU uses VI which I am a Pico/Emacs fan so I found a Pico clone called Nano which a Windows user posted on his site. So far I have had only one bluescreen and I think its something that I did, after installation was complete of all the service packs I put in a PCI IDE Controller board and installed a second hard drive for backup sake. After I booted the system, I logged into Windows and the card was picked up and then BAM, hit a bluescreen. After a reboot It worked fine and it took me forever to find out how to format a drive but Laci showed me the MMC and I found disk management and formatted the drive. I will say its too soon for me to make a judgement but I was expecting a crashmatic operating system and it hasnt given me too many problems thus far and hasnt crashed hard. The only real learning curve that I have found is commands from the CLI and Windows graphical user interface, finding some of the configuration utilities. I installed the rest of my applications except for the development environment, the GIMP, StarOffice 7, Blender etc. I even found a few free packages for Firewalls and such, the Sygate Personal Firewall. I tried the AVG Free Anti-Virus solution but It wouldnt do the update properly, the server kept kicking me off so I went with the Avast Anti-Virus solution which worked fine and offers a free personal edition. Sygate was a better solution in my opinion because it gives more control to the user in what to block and how to block it than some of the other free solutions.

Tommorow I tackle the installation of the .NET Framework 1.1 and Visual Studios .NET and I will compare that to Java and QT.

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