Sunday, March 28, 2004

And they call me a zealot

Rory Blyth, as you know from .NET Rocks and Blogging fame has a new entry from one of his readers named Randy. Here this obvious Windows zealot rants and raves about the things I say about Windows, Windows sucks we all know this to be true but lets go ahead and dissect some of his rants here:

" 1) Maybe if Linux had as many people using it, hackers would target Linux. 95% of the viruses today are Trojan horses - not true viruses - that are passed on and spawned by user intervention. Maybe if Linux had more users, this would be a problem here too, eh? "

Ok this is a stupid rant. Linux is a multi user system and in order for a virus on Linux to be effective the user who gets infected must have a write permission to the folder they are trying to infect, now the only person who has total write permissions is root, root is the system god you can mutilate your machine as root so guess what, a secretary in the office is not going to have write permissions. In Windows everyone has write permissions this includes that same secretary who is going to open that attachment with said virus and infect the entire network. Even the limited user in Windows XP has write privileges so any virus is going to be effective. This is how come Linux only has 15 viruses where Windows has 500,000. Windows machines are infected daily where Linux machines just hum along with no problems.

" 2) Linux is as hacker proof as Windows and you are a fool to say that anything is hacker proof. The only hacker proof system I know of is a computer that has been turned off and disconnected from all power and network connections. Dumbass. "

Linux is hacker proof. You cannot violate a Linux system unless you have root privileges as said above if someone does hack a user account their access to the system is limited to what that user has permissions to view, put that beside Windows who everyone has access to the root filesystem and other users files. It is proven Windows is a more hacked system.

" 3) So can Windows. Try going to and other freeware sites to see what's available. Again, more ignorant spouting. "

This has to do with my Linux can run Open Source software and Windows cant comment. This is very true. Because developers do not have access to the source code of the OS. OSS Software cannot run reliably on Windows PERIOD. Look at all the trouble the GTK fols had with doing a Port to Windows. One of Rory's friends says it can be done but you cannot run Apache on Windows Server 2003 without conflicts from IIS and MySQL sucks on Windows, I know of nobody that runs MySQL on Windows due to the poor performance.

" 4) SCO says they own Linux - that's why their suing everyone. Again, DUH. "

And Microsoft is so scared of Linux that they decided to bankroll SCO's lawsuits. But they failed, Eric Raymond exposed them and now Microsoft is under investigation by the SEC for violating several anti-trust laws and stock hiking. Microsoft is so unethical they decided to try to destroy the biggest threat to Bill's fat wallet amd if not for the whistleblower inside SCO, they almost got away with it.

" 5) Yeah, right. That's why I never see ads for .NET programmers and Windows server IT tech work. It's all for Linux and never Windows. Nice judgement there. Better get used to saying "want fries with that" if this is the pinnacle of your business sense "

I never see any ads for .NET and or Windows programming and when I open my business I intend to be very upfront with clients, I refuse to work with Windows or .NET and I guarantee I will be more successful than any Windows programmer.

" 6) Here's a better use of your time, seeing as you can't even write well enough to support your own arguments: masturbate in your bathroom. Maybe if you use all your sperm you can't procreate, and that would do us all a favor. It's obvious that you cannot write and you have no clue as to what makes a compelling argument."

This is the part where Windows zealots get pissed because they know we are right and they are wrong, so they resort to vulgarities. Randy, go to hell.

" 7) Free. That's why RedHat charges for it in CompUSA. That's why IBM has made millions on it. Good job. "

Red Hat chraged for media, now RH doesnt even bother doing the retail bit anymore because they have Fedora. IBM made their money off of the hardware they never charged for the OS.

Ridiculous arguments from a Windows zealots that I was more than happy to mutilate.


" On Novells going to drop Windows like a bad habit: Um, who's Novell? "

Novell is the new king. Novell is the company that will kill Microsofts unfair dominance on the market. Novell has always made better products than Microsoft and people are now starting to see it.

As you can see they call me a zealot and they are very misguided, next thing you know they will tell me that Windows is used in HPC environments which we all know is false. Oh as for more MS FUD, since they are losing out to Open Office they are spreading more FUD with their competitive guide which an open source advocate, you know the good guys, carefully dissected here.

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