Tuesday, March 23, 2004

8 Reasons not to use Windows

8 Reasons Not to Use Windows....

1. Virus propagation --- Windows has more viruses than a 50 cent Whore House. All Viruses are written for Windows and there is no way a virus can be written for Linux.

2. Linux is hacker proof, Windows is not ---Windows on top of viruses has whats called vulnerabilities. Meaning buggy code that can be exploited to let a hacker control your system. Linux due to its Open Source nature does not suffer from this. Linux has no real vulnerabilities and since Linux has millions of programmers offering code everyday, any vulnerabilities are fixed very quickly such as in hours unlike Microsoft which it took them 1 year to fix a vulnerability.

3. Linux can run Open Source programs --- Users have a library of software titles that can be had for free or no cost. They are more advanced than Windows commercial offerings and due to the fact that Windows is closed source the distributions of Open Source software for Windows do not work properly or are a version behind until the developers find a workaround.

4. Windows is owned by Microsoft, no one owns Linux --- Microsoft owns Windows, meaning that they control you. Microsoft is anti-competitive, a convicted monopolist and they knowingly produce buggy, insecure software so that the user has to upgrade. They also cut support for their own products so that users have got to upgrade. Linux is free to aquire and deploy, and support will alwys be there no matter if you wish to upgrade or not.

5. Linux has a future --- All big businesses use Linux. Microsoft and Windows have started their death throes meaning in a year to two years there will be no more Microsoft and Windows. Support will be cut for Microsoft and Windows making them Legacy systems. Linux is used in big production houses and there are huge computing clusters with Linux. No one builds Clusters with Windows and no renderfarm uses Windows because the cost is prohibitive, Windows days are numbered

6. Linux is just superior -- Linux can have uptimes in the number of year. Windows crashes constantly, thus it will never see the reliability that Linux offers.

7. Linux is free -- Windows costs hundreds of dollars, Linux is free meaning no cost. You get a superior OS for free.

8. Open Source is better -- Unlimited number of developers contributing to Linux and Open Source versus about 500 that Microsoft employs, how can we not be better

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