Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Installation of Visual Studio

I had gotten the Visual Studio .NET 2002 since I found out through a Rory reader Sven that it only compiles for the .NET Framework 1.0. I had Laci pick up a copy of Visual Studio .NET Academic from her college bookstore which includes the .NET Framework 1.1. I am out the money for Visual Studio .NET 2002 but I will go ahead and put it on eBay and try to get some cash from it. Installation of Academic was smooth sailing and I figured the $100.00 I paid for it is olay for evaluation purposes. One of the things I noticed about the interface is that it is similar to QT Designer on Linux. I like Windows Forms and wish we had those on Linux but who knows when MonoDevelop gets done we may have something similar for Linux. C# is easy for me to understand because I work with it on Mono, VB .NET is over my head. I havent even started looking at J# yet because I heard it is based on the really old Java 1 standard. I will try to get a book so I can learn something about VB .NET. Does anyone have any suggestions on a good starting point and a good starter book?

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

More Windows Experiences

I have looked into other portions of the OS this night. I have never used Internet Explorer before. I decided to see what the fuss was about so I have been using it all night for general surfing purposes and blogging. It works reliably, the only complaint I have is no tabs and you must open multiple windows. I like the idea of grouping windows as the XP taskbar does. If IE had tabs it may be a little more appealing. Next came MP3's, Windows Media Player plays them. I was always told it didnt so that was a pleasant surprise to see it work. I installed QuickTime and the DivX Player which works equally well. Instead of scripting one of my readers told me I could do batch files instead on the CLI. I will look more into that later but I do intend to test the Windows SFU capabilities to run Linux and UNIX scripts with some of my own.

Command Line utilities fixed

One of the things I was lacking was the missing command line utilities which make it easier for us Linux users to use Windows. I was suggested to use Cygwin but I found out that I already had the issue covered with Windows Services for UNIX. Windows SFU has all the utilities that are necessary for us command line junkies. Windows SFU uses VI which I am a Pico/Emacs fan so I found a Pico clone called Nano which a Windows user posted on his site. So far I have had only one bluescreen and I think its something that I did, after installation was complete of all the service packs I put in a PCI IDE Controller board and installed a second hard drive for backup sake. After I booted the system, I logged into Windows and the card was picked up and then BAM, hit a bluescreen. After a reboot It worked fine and it took me forever to find out how to format a drive but Laci showed me the MMC and I found disk management and formatted the drive. I will say its too soon for me to make a judgement but I was expecting a crashmatic operating system and it hasnt given me too many problems thus far and hasnt crashed hard. The only real learning curve that I have found is commands from the CLI and Windows graphical user interface, finding some of the configuration utilities. I installed the rest of my applications except for the development environment, the GIMP, StarOffice 7, Blender etc. I even found a few free packages for Firewalls and such, the Sygate Personal Firewall. I tried the AVG Free Anti-Virus solution but It wouldnt do the update properly, the server kept kicking me off so I went with the Avast Anti-Virus solution which worked fine and offers a free personal edition. Sygate was a better solution in my opinion because it gives more control to the user in what to block and how to block it than some of the other free solutions.

Tommorow I tackle the installation of the .NET Framework 1.1 and Visual Studios .NET and I will compare that to Java and QT.

Exploring Windows

My arsenal is as follows:

Windows XP Pro
StarOffice 7
Visual Studio .NET
Windows Services for UNIX 3.5
.NET Framework SDK 1.1
.NET Framework Redistributable
All Related Service Packs

I spent about 600 dollars on this project. I spent last night installing Windows XP Pro. Here are my first thoughts on it.

Installation -- Installation is pretty dumbed down. It did not read my Linux partition and claimed them as unknown. I partitioned my drives as NTFS. One of the things I did not like was at startup they have no option for verbose logging meaning that you just see a black screen with an indicator rolling across. After installation I then called Microsoft to activate Windows, which sucked because it took awhile. After installation I installed SP1 then SP2. I had a hard time with the interface because I hate the default Fisher Price blue that they have, so I looked at Olive Green, which looks gay so nix that I then looked at Silver which I liked. The only thing I disliked about the theme service in XP is that there is no support for third party themes unlike with GNOME, to install themes in XP you need StyleXP.
Also the lack of Virtual Desktops was a huge turn off for me. I found one which isnt bad The control panel is a knock off of KControl and you can see where Microsoft got the inspiration for their control panel. I dropped into the Command Line and found it very limited. There is no good command line editor and I dont even know anything about scripting on the Windows command line. I am going to try to find more command line tools for Windows, if any exist.

Monday, March 29, 2004

Ok I give ( a little)

Due to an e-mail from Rory Blyth that I recieved. He made some sense and I have decided I am going to give Windows an actual look into. After a decade of Linux usage I am going to blaze a trail into the dark side of computing, install and use the Windows OS. I am going to install Windows XP and the related Service Packs. My girlfriend was shocked when I told her this because as most of you know, I eat, breathe, live Linux. I will not totally switch over but I am going to look at several Microsoft technologies, Visual Studio .NET even tho I dont know crap about Microsofts implementation of C# and Visual Basic, no I dont have any experience with VB either. I will ...BUY software for probably the first time in my life. I am going to post on my progress and give comparisons on both platforms and what I like and dislike about either. In other words I plan to be objective. We are heading out to CompUSA to pick up some stuff. Does this mean Rory and the Windows zealots won? NO. But maybe I need to be a little more objective.


Microsoft has been caught falsifying their own case studies. What can we expect from a company this unethical?

Longhorn or Linux?

There are several people who have asked me about how Linux compares to Longhorn. I have decided to answer those questions here.

First I must say I doubt Longhorn will ever ship, I believe we will see Microsoft Linux before we see Longhorn.

Now, with Longhorn Microsoft has incorperated an entire new security schema. I dont think this will be an effective means of security because even tho Longhorn is a new OS its still based on the NT/2000 codebase and with the current exploit of Microsoft source code there are undoubtedly holes that will exist in Longhorn. Some hackers have even said that they will keep these exploits a secret and I believe they are doing this so that they will be able to embarass Microsoft at the Launch of Windows Longhorn to draw more customers to Linux to show that Microsoft is not taking security as seriously as they should.

Avalon and Indigo are impressive technologies but I feel that Linux in a year will be able to topple everything and advantage those technologies offer.

WinFS is a clone of GNOMEFS and nothing new or exciting. This is similar to the Virtual Desktop pager. Linux has had them for years and now Microsoft decided to clone the idea. Nothing extremely innovative.

As you can see Microsoft is not doing anything really innovative in the OS space. Linux will have the equivalent of Avalon and Indigo within a year thus making longhorn obsolete by the time it arrives, if it ever arrives.

Also with Longhorn, Microsoft will debut TCPA with the intent to lock out the user. Their thinking is to let Microsoft decide who you can trust and what you can do with your computer. None of your old apps will run, only "trusted code" this is scary because then Microsoft is given the power to stomp out competition. Thus with the state of Longhorn and the threat of TCPA I recommend a switch to Linux.

Really Scary

Bill Gates did an interview with eWeek and i must say he sounded good but as my grandmother always told me, beware of a man with a forked tongue, I think he is running scared because of Linux and now he wants interoperability

IBM is da BOMB !!!!

They have started a new partner program to entice users away from NT to Linux. I hope this program is successful because it is imperative that we keep these customers out of Microsofts clutches. Linux is so far ahead of Windows Server 2003 that its not funny...

Another one drops Windows for Linux

BayPackets decided that they would join the Open Source community and now supports Linux. This really makes my day. Every company thatn drops Windows support drives another nail into Microsofts coffin. I bet Bill and Steve are weeping over this loss.

More Randy

" How can you respect a fuckwit that lost his computer to a power surge anyway? How smart can he be, if he doesn't use a surge protector? "

Surge protectors do fail and I did have mine hooked up to one.

" What I find to be ironic is that he's convinced he downloaded three viruses from Windows update. How can he know he has a virus if he hasn't installed an AV package yet? "

I did have an AV package already installed and it did tell me I had three viruses, anyone who does a Windows install will tell you they always get hit by at least one virus during update.

" Are they bad because they require a download from time to time? "

AV Packages are not bad, but if M$ would bother to even consider creating reliable software than maybe we wouldnt need them and with Linux I dont have to take up hard drive space with an AV package thus it doesnt cost me more money. After all, would you trust any company that created a free AV product?

Sunday, March 28, 2004

And they call me a zealot

Rory Blyth, as you know from .NET Rocks and Blogging fame has a new entry from one of his readers named Randy. Here this obvious Windows zealot rants and raves about the things I say about Windows, Windows sucks we all know this to be true but lets go ahead and dissect some of his rants here:

" 1) Maybe if Linux had as many people using it, hackers would target Linux. 95% of the viruses today are Trojan horses - not true viruses - that are passed on and spawned by user intervention. Maybe if Linux had more users, this would be a problem here too, eh? "

Ok this is a stupid rant. Linux is a multi user system and in order for a virus on Linux to be effective the user who gets infected must have a write permission to the folder they are trying to infect, now the only person who has total write permissions is root, root is the system god you can mutilate your machine as root so guess what, a secretary in the office is not going to have write permissions. In Windows everyone has write permissions this includes that same secretary who is going to open that attachment with said virus and infect the entire network. Even the limited user in Windows XP has write privileges so any virus is going to be effective. This is how come Linux only has 15 viruses where Windows has 500,000. Windows machines are infected daily where Linux machines just hum along with no problems.

" 2) Linux is as hacker proof as Windows and you are a fool to say that anything is hacker proof. The only hacker proof system I know of is a computer that has been turned off and disconnected from all power and network connections. Dumbass. "

Linux is hacker proof. You cannot violate a Linux system unless you have root privileges as said above if someone does hack a user account their access to the system is limited to what that user has permissions to view, put that beside Windows who everyone has access to the root filesystem and other users files. It is proven Windows is a more hacked system.

" 3) So can Windows. Try going to and other freeware sites to see what's available. Again, more ignorant spouting. "

This has to do with my Linux can run Open Source software and Windows cant comment. This is very true. Because developers do not have access to the source code of the OS. OSS Software cannot run reliably on Windows PERIOD. Look at all the trouble the GTK fols had with doing a Port to Windows. One of Rory's friends says it can be done but you cannot run Apache on Windows Server 2003 without conflicts from IIS and MySQL sucks on Windows, I know of nobody that runs MySQL on Windows due to the poor performance.

" 4) SCO says they own Linux - that's why their suing everyone. Again, DUH. "

And Microsoft is so scared of Linux that they decided to bankroll SCO's lawsuits. But they failed, Eric Raymond exposed them and now Microsoft is under investigation by the SEC for violating several anti-trust laws and stock hiking. Microsoft is so unethical they decided to try to destroy the biggest threat to Bill's fat wallet amd if not for the whistleblower inside SCO, they almost got away with it.

" 5) Yeah, right. That's why I never see ads for .NET programmers and Windows server IT tech work. It's all for Linux and never Windows. Nice judgement there. Better get used to saying "want fries with that" if this is the pinnacle of your business sense "

I never see any ads for .NET and or Windows programming and when I open my business I intend to be very upfront with clients, I refuse to work with Windows or .NET and I guarantee I will be more successful than any Windows programmer.

" 6) Here's a better use of your time, seeing as you can't even write well enough to support your own arguments: masturbate in your bathroom. Maybe if you use all your sperm you can't procreate, and that would do us all a favor. It's obvious that you cannot write and you have no clue as to what makes a compelling argument."

This is the part where Windows zealots get pissed because they know we are right and they are wrong, so they resort to vulgarities. Randy, go to hell.

" 7) Free. That's why RedHat charges for it in CompUSA. That's why IBM has made millions on it. Good job. "

Red Hat chraged for media, now RH doesnt even bother doing the retail bit anymore because they have Fedora. IBM made their money off of the hardware they never charged for the OS.

Ridiculous arguments from a Windows zealots that I was more than happy to mutilate.


" On Novells going to drop Windows like a bad habit: Um, who's Novell? "

Novell is the new king. Novell is the company that will kill Microsofts unfair dominance on the market. Novell has always made better products than Microsoft and people are now starting to see it.

As you can see they call me a zealot and they are very misguided, next thing you know they will tell me that Windows is used in HPC environments which we all know is false. Oh as for more MS FUD, since they are losing out to Open Office they are spreading more FUD with their competitive guide which an open source advocate, you know the good guys, carefully dissected here.

Friday, March 26, 2004

Microsoft got what they deserved

A $614 million dollar fine and they have to unbundle Media Player. This made my day, I am so happy. I cant wait for the SEC to finally shut the bastards down and then I will be dancing like a fool and I will go back to Rory Blyth and tell him "I TOLD YOU SO"


Well folks I lost my computer, a power surge killed it. This time I bought a PowerBook although the Mac OS X sucks I went ahead and downloaded Yellowdog Linux. It works beautifully on my new PowerBook and its just Red Hat for PPC. This morning the used IBM PC that I ordered from eBay got here and I installed Fedora Core 2 and set it up as my desktop unit, although I use the laptop for everything. The IBM came preloaded with Windows 2000 and I was going to attempt a dual boot just so I could learn a little bit of Windows but reality came crashing in and I was reminded why WINDOWS SUCKS!!!! Less than 5 minutes online getting critical updates I got three viruses, I hosed the drive and now I use Linux totally.

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Well Guys SCO is going down

Without the daily infusions from Microsoft and Microsoft customers, SCO stock is now at $7.77 Well too bad, its over. My only hope is that Ballmer and McBride are cell mates.

Novells going to drop Windows like a bad habit

Thats right people, Novell is back and they are here to stay. They made a wise choice developing for Linux and now its going to pay off. In 12 months Novell will be the dominant PC Operating System vendor with SuSE Linux and Ximian. A combination that beats Windows hands down in functionality and reliability as well as support. I cant wait until the PC vendors start offering this product line on their PC's and they get rid of Windows.

8 Reasons not to use Windows

8 Reasons Not to Use Windows....

1. Virus propagation --- Windows has more viruses than a 50 cent Whore House. All Viruses are written for Windows and there is no way a virus can be written for Linux.

2. Linux is hacker proof, Windows is not ---Windows on top of viruses has whats called vulnerabilities. Meaning buggy code that can be exploited to let a hacker control your system. Linux due to its Open Source nature does not suffer from this. Linux has no real vulnerabilities and since Linux has millions of programmers offering code everyday, any vulnerabilities are fixed very quickly such as in hours unlike Microsoft which it took them 1 year to fix a vulnerability.

3. Linux can run Open Source programs --- Users have a library of software titles that can be had for free or no cost. They are more advanced than Windows commercial offerings and due to the fact that Windows is closed source the distributions of Open Source software for Windows do not work properly or are a version behind until the developers find a workaround.

4. Windows is owned by Microsoft, no one owns Linux --- Microsoft owns Windows, meaning that they control you. Microsoft is anti-competitive, a convicted monopolist and they knowingly produce buggy, insecure software so that the user has to upgrade. They also cut support for their own products so that users have got to upgrade. Linux is free to aquire and deploy, and support will alwys be there no matter if you wish to upgrade or not.

5. Linux has a future --- All big businesses use Linux. Microsoft and Windows have started their death throes meaning in a year to two years there will be no more Microsoft and Windows. Support will be cut for Microsoft and Windows making them Legacy systems. Linux is used in big production houses and there are huge computing clusters with Linux. No one builds Clusters with Windows and no renderfarm uses Windows because the cost is prohibitive, Windows days are numbered

6. Linux is just superior -- Linux can have uptimes in the number of year. Windows crashes constantly, thus it will never see the reliability that Linux offers.

7. Linux is free -- Windows costs hundreds of dollars, Linux is free meaning no cost. You get a superior OS for free.

8. Open Source is better -- Unlimited number of developers contributing to Linux and Open Source versus about 500 that Microsoft employs, how can we not be better

.NET Rocks

I listen to .NET Rocks, an Audio talk show devoted to .NET, dont worry I would rather die than use Windows but I listen to it to get tips for programming with Mono. On this show, the hosts: Carl Franklin, Rory Blyth have a segment called Google weirdo's, well they listed me as a weirdo because I said Rory supports SCO. Well folks he does support SCO. Since Microsoft funds SCO everytime Rory and Carl for that matter buy a Microsoft product such as Windows, Office, VS.NET and such their money goes to funding SCO. They dont seem to understand this. I figure when Linux kills Windows they will finally then understand and they will change the name of the show from .NET Rocks to Mono Rocks or Linux Rocks.

Get the facts

I decided to start this blog as a way to keep up with the rise of Linux and the downfall of Microsoft and Windows. Due to recent happennings in the Europe, Microsoft appears to be losing its dominace on the desktop. Also due to their illegal funding of the SCO group the SEC will close them down in America and Linux is the only real alternative to Windows.

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