Saturday, August 26, 2006

Channel 9 = Microsoft PR site

I have recently gotten banned from Channel 9. Tried logging into the system and I was refused. Why did this occur, because I went on the site and championed the Linux OS, Charles Torres, the sites admin has little patience for those that use or advocate Linux. Among other suspicions put out by a quality poster, Beer28, he is right. this just shows Microsofts closed mind and their inability to deal with or cope with Linux. Microsoft will never change their ways, they just want to keep up their illegal activities. Here is how bad it has gotten on Channel 9, I advocate Linux and Open Source I get banned, Cybermagellan a niner on the site doesnt get banned nor any disciplinary action when he admits to pirating Microsoft software

PR site? its worse than that. Torres plays favorites, bans the Linux people and doesnt ban the real trolls like rjdohnert who posts poetry on the site, doesnt ban people who admit to being pirates, ie Cybermagellan and W3bbo.

Those people on that site who claim to have "tried" open source are liars and most of the users on that site severely exagerate their skills. Dont be surprised to see them serving coffee at McDonalds and any other fast food restaurant you can think off.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Windows Servers beat Linux

What a crock. Laura Dildio and the other no computer knowledge writers over at the Yankee Group have published a study on Windows Server beats Linux in reliability. First, no one at the Yankee Group have the technological expertise to even conduct a study like this much less publish this. Secondly, lets see what Linux users have to say about this. they are speaking out, adoption of Linux on both the desktop and the server. I think the facts speak for themselves.

Here is particularly one FUD line;

"On average, individual enterprise Windows, Linux, and Unix servers experienced 3 to 5 failures per server per year in 2005, generating 10 to 19.5 hours of annual downtime for each server."

Linux = 364 days and 4.5h uptime per year.

"Windows 2003 Server, in fact, led the popular Red Hat Enterprise Linux with nearly 20 percent more annual uptime."

Windows = 437 days and 18h uptime per year.

How many days in a year?

I question this study and its reliability. Seems funded to me.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Microsoft losing power

Microsoft is losing its power in this industry. Linux is rising and new Linux desktops are starting to come to fruition. Perfect example, an aquantince of mine that works for AOL is now using a Linux desktop at his job. The Linux desktop is on the rise.

Friday, May 05, 2006

How Microsoft blew it

The big talk is how much Microsoft's stock has gone down, their quarterly earning were not up to par and of course we may be looking at a Windows Vista delay again. With all this bad news coming up I personally disbelieve anyone who says they will firmly stand behind Microsoft and the quality of their products anymore. Microsoft has blown it and unfortunately they are on the way out. Here are the facts, and they are undisputed.

Windows Vista

Microsoft has tried to revamp the security models in Windows. Beginning with SP2 and Server 2003 SP1. They failed, and Windows Vista will be no different. Im sure Microsoft wants to fix the security problems with Windows but the simple fact is they cant. The more they try the more they screw things up until they have to move to a different codebase like they had to do with Windows Vista. Microsoft keeps trying to to pile on more code to Windows already shakey foundation and it will be no time at all before the whole house of cards comes tumbling down. UAC may sound nice and may even help improve the situation but its like putting a bandaid on a severed leg, its a useless fix. Until they improve the code which in this case means dumping the entire Windows codebase and starting from scratch more and more vulnerabilities will keep coming up.

MSN vs Google

Google is already the industry leader in search. They are the leader in providing the most useful services. Microsoft has no chance to even make MSN scale or be as relevant as Google search. Instead of embracing the truth and trying to partner with Google Microsoft is on this holier than thou crusade. Steve Ballmer himself has said that he wants to kill Google. So Microsoft reverts back to its old tactics of trying to lock Google out of being used on IE7. They say its easy to change the default, its also easier to stay with the current default. With Microsoft going back to its old ways its time for the Justice Department to wake up. This industry needs competition and Microsoft rather than helping is trying to once again hinder choice and dominate again. This is unacceptable

Microsoft vs Open Source

Like with Google, Microsoft has taken on a crusade to stop Open Source. They spread lies and FUD with their get the facts campaign. Whats even sillier is that they think IT professionals are stupid. Windows is expensive to acquire, its expensive to deploy. Right now a copy of Windows XP Professional is $300.00 for the full version. This does not include anti-virus and anti-spyware solutions. SUSE Linux costs $85.00 and you dont need anti-virus or anti-spyware protections. The Office suite comes free with all Linux distributions, Microsoft Office is $400.00. So how Microsoft comes up with Windows is cheaper is beyond me. They also bribe Open Source "advocates" such as Bill Hilf to try to persuade people that they arent the bad guy, that they believe in competition. Bull, if thats so why doesnt Microsoft have any Linux products in its product line-up? And what few scraps they throw they have to "partner" with someone to provide them. If their own developers are not competent enough to provide these solutions themselves, how are they competent enough to effectively enhance Windows and Microsofts current line-up of products. Coding for Linux is relatively easy and straight forward.

Microsofts reputation

Can Microsofts bad reputation be fixed. In a short answer, No it cant. Microsoft will have to fire everyone, Bill Gates, Steve Ballmer, Robert Scoble and most of their teams and bring in some true talent and visionary leaders. Bill Gates, Steve Ballmer are done. They should have retired and turned the reigns over to someone else a long time ago. Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer, while great men in their day, I dont feel have the vision or the understanding of todays markets to lead Microsoft into the future. They are relics of a past that desperately needs to be forgotten. When and if Microsoft ever does this then people may look in their direction again, but it will take a lot of work for people to trust the company or the brand again.

In closing I want to point out that their are alternatives to Microsofts feeble product quality. Linux, Mac OS X and Open Source software. I do not feel sympathy for anyone who gets a Windows virus anymore, or who has a spyware infested system. The alternatives are there. The alternatives are safe and secure and the quality is much better. For people who own Microsoft stock, I give this advice. Sell now because its only going to get worse for Microsoft.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Long time since last post

It has been awhile since my last post. So where is Christopher now? Well right now Im just working, enjoying married life and mine and Suzannes new child. Bruce was born on Dec 20. 2005 and he has just been a dream. Mine and Suzannes wedding anniversary is on the 12 of this month and Im glad Im home this year for the festivities.

Friday, September 03, 2004

My life

Well guys work has been a bitch, I have been working a lot and when I get home Im not in the mood to blog. Laci's dads house fell victim to Hurricane Charley, this is her real dad and not her step-dad, so we have had a house guest for more than a few weeks. He was in the process of negotiating a rebuild and then now Hurricane Frances has come along. So that blew it out of the water, literally. he is a nice guy, a bit of a pain in the ass tho. For starters he didnt like the type of music that I listen to so he reprogrammed my radio. I bit my tongue. He complains if I dont cook eggs over easy and bitches and moans. I bite my tongue. He complains about my weight and tells me that I am subject to diabetes and other fat boy diseases, I bite my tongue. He tried to confiscate my brand new Tablet PC for his own personal use, I did not bite my tongue. I told him he couldnt use it because I use it for work and that its a fragile machine and he has a a nervous system condition and shakes all the time. I compromised, I gave him an old Celeron 366 mhz machine that I had with Red Hat 8, he botched Linux, dont ask me how but I couldnt get the XServer to start right and I kept getting corruption errors so I took that off, went to an old computer store here in Santa fe and got Windows ME and installed it for him and now thats the only one he can use. He told laci that she could not sleep with me and that she had to sleep in a seperate room. I put my foot down, I could see it if she was still a girlfriend or still my fiance, but no she is my goddamn wife and she sleeps in my bed with me. Just to humor him I asked him why, he sad it was because we might have sex. Duh you old fart thats what married couples do,we have sex not as much as we did when we were dating but we have sex. He brought his pittbull named Diablo, dont ask, who barks at all hours of the night, who he feeds pickles and human food to and the dog and I have an understanding, if he looks at me weird I will shoot the goddamn dog. Today as a bonding thing, I took my father in law (FIL) to see Anaconda's: Hunt for the blood orchid and I could see in my mind him and that goddamn dog from hell being swallowed by a giant Anaconda. my FIL is okay from a distance, I get along with him at a distance but I can see I can't live with him, but I am willing too for my wifes sake because I love her and I cherish her and she is my soul-mate and my life, but if it wasnt for her i wouldnt even put up with the bullshit and he should thank her because right now if not for her he would be toting a GIANT ass kicking. I can see why Laci's mom left him. I try to avoid him, i stay in my computer room most of the time now and I try not to converse with him. I am so glad he doesnt even know what a blog is.

Now on the Longhorn changes, im fucking happy about it. I applaud MS for it. I dont think the exclusion of WinFS is a big deal and Im happy with the decision to cut WinFS instead of Indigo and Avalon.

Now on the new iMac, I hate the new design. I think its ugly and awkward looking. But hey Mac fans should love it.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Service Pack 2 for Win XP

you can get it now through the Download Center for network installs or you can wait. At work we are planning a party to celebrate the release. Yes we are corny, yes we are geeks. Link is in title for download.

Changing the blog content

Im changing the blog content, i will still be doing my regualr tech talk here but I am also going to add personal content. the Blog name will be changed to " Christopher Anthony's World ". I contemplated starting a seperate blog like some of my friends have doe but I decided to just add on to this one.

.NET Rocks with Mr. Mono himself

It was a great show, I had to listen to archive because i had a family emergency that i had to leave town. My stepdad had a heart attack, luckily it was a minor one and they expect him to make a full recovery, he had to quit smoking and i have quit myself. Anyway, miguel went through a lot and one thing i didnt know was that Don Box had sang him a song, I found it on the net and it was cute. Poor Miguel. It probably would be cool if he joined Microsoft. Roory asked many fascinating questions, i dont think Carl Franklin is that proficient with Linux as Rory asked most of the questions pertaining to Linux. Great show, my compliments to Carl and Rory. Oh Carl, resistance is futile.

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